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Top 10 Career Growth Hack Courses for You

Here are 10 course that I found that will help you boost your career early. These courses include much of what we struggle with. How do we stand out remotely? How do we become a thought leader? Am I taking the right steps to grow in my career? These courses are right here in our back yard on LinkedIn Learning.

  1. How to Develop your Career Plan -

  2. How to Become a Thought Leader -

  3. 9 Career Lessons -

  4. Returning to Work with a Resume Gap -

  5. What to do in the first 90 Days of your Job -

  6. Preparing for your Review -

  7. Coaching Yourself to Career Success -

  8. Taking Charge of your Career -

  9. Creating a Career Plan -

  10. How to Stand Out Remotely -

My name is Mike Miller - I'm a 25 year IT / Cyber Security professional. Currently serving as a vCISO for Appalachia Technologies, I've had my hands in many different sectors of the security industry. From desktop support, my journey has included working in systems admin, network admin, IT consulting, defensive security, offensive security, GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) and founding my own cyber security company. My passion is to help fill the cyber security gap by mentoring those who are just getting started, changing fields or wanting to level up in their current technology position. Let me help you define and reach your career goals, discover a community of like minded people and make yourself accessible to life changing career opportunities.

I work for Appalachia Technologies, a top 250 MSSP that offers vCISO services, Security assessments, penetration testing, SOC services, and full managed services. We’ve been around for nearly 20 years and continuously win Best Places to Work. I’m proud to personally vouch for this company. Hit me up.


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