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Break In Playbook

My downloadable Break In Cyber Playbook is an in-depth guide to the Cyber Security industry. It will teach you how to gain entry into the field or level up if you are already in Cyber Security. I teach you how to be discovered by hiring managers, recruiters and help you set the pace to become a thought leader in the industry. This playbook also includes a step-by-step guide on growing your online presence so that you can gain thousands of views on your profile. A few sample sections of the playbook include:

  • Choosing a Career Path for You

  • Offensive Security

  • Defensive Security

  • GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance)

  • No Tech Skills? It's Okay

  •  Attracting Recruiters to Your Inbox

  • Getting Discovered on LinkedIn

  • How to get Hired

  • and how to achieve success in Cyber Security

If you are tired of filling out endless applications and getting no responses then read this guide and start getting inbox messages from recruiters and hiring managers.  This guide will teach you that it is much easier to gain employment from getting inbox messages than "spraying and praying" resumes.


1-on-1 Call with Mike

This is a dedicated 30 minute video call with me, Mike. This time will help me better understand your current career situation, get to know you as a person and answer any questions. You will also receive a free copy of my Break In Cyber Playbook at the end of our call. I guarantee you will walk away with clear direction on how to achieve your short and long term goals. I will change the way you think about achieving success. I will teach you how to get there faster. No matter where you are at in your career I can help by steering you in the right direction with technical knowledge and also teach you how to be discovered by recruiters for your talents. I'll teach you how you can get hired without filling out endless applications.


Harmony Growth Lab

  • 24/7 Access to Mike's Growth Lab

  • Weekly Check in Calls

  • LIVE LinkedIn Workshops

  • Posting Strategies

  • Advanced Algorithm Breakdown

  • Profile Review


No matter your industry, Mike will teach you how to leverage your LinkedIn account to build a massive organic following, become a thought leader in your industry, and gain tons of opportunity from having extreme visibility on LinkedIn.


This Growth Lab with Mike will teach you the reverse mentality of being discovered and having opportunity find you instead of hunting it.

Get Free Advice from Mike

I send out weekly tips on career advice and growing your LinkedIn account so that you are more attractive to recruiters and hiring managers.  Grow, be discovered, and get hired.

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Good Question

Who's this for?

This is for anyone passionate about IT or cyber security. Whether you are aspiring to be in the field or looking to further grow your career, let me help you take the next step. 

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is where much of the cyber security community resides. From entry level to C-Suite, LinkedIn is a level playing field for any career professional. Decision makers from nearly any organization use this platform to gain knowledge, share ideas and search for professionals to fill positions within the industry. Work with me and I will help you get discovered for your abilities so opportunities come to your inbox instead of resume slinging. Whether you want a new career opportunity or just the connections, I can help.

How do I start?

Easy! Reach out to me here or connect with me on LinkedIn. Let's go from there. 

Will you speak for us?

I'd love to! Public speaking is one of my passions. Whether you have your own podcast or have an upcoming event, reach out to me to schedule. 

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