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Mike Miller

 Chief Information Security Officer. Mentor. 

About Me

I've been in the world of Cyber Security for over 25 years now. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, currently residing in the beautiful state of Missouri. When I'm not behind a computer I enjoy scuba diving, boating on the Ozark lakes and flying small planes. I'm addicted to sweet tea, Vans shoes, ice cream and Jeepin'. While I'm working, I'm always listening to music. I love trying out new restaurants with my wife and spending time with my family. 

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Michael Hallmen, IN

"Before meeting Mike I had three interviews in fourth months. Now I'm sitting at two-four consistently every week. Learn to play chess instead of checkers with Mike Miller."

Morgan Hamlin, MI

"After talking with Mike Miller my profile views went up 2,000% in the first week! His advice is gold, I would recommend him as a mentor. 10/10."

John Smalls, GA

"Mike is a great mentor. Very open, direct and approachable. He genuinely wants to see everyone achieve their goals. I've had a great experience with his mentoring."
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