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5 Reasons Why October Is Emotional For Me

Tomorrow, Cyber Security Awareness month starts. October is special to me for many reasons.

Last October, the following happened:

1. I made my commitment to LinkedIn. I had somewhere between 500 and 700 connections, no traffic, and had no clue if this LinkedIn thing was going to work.

2. I bought a house.

3. I got married.

4. I bought a house and got married on the SAME day. We got married and drove to our house closing in my wife's wedding dress. (See pic below)

5. I'm in a completely different place mentally than I was last year.

Last year I was nervous. I was going to put all of my energy into LinkedIn to see if I could gain connections, create relationships, and find opportunity.

I was nervous because I had so much going on at one time (buying a house, getting married, etc)

Since last October, I have had the opportunity for so many new relationships. I have created so many true friendships on this platform as well as creating a new life with my wife.

In this past year I have had so many positive changes. I can't believe it has already been a year. When I made the decision to go "all in" last year, I really meant it. I dove in hard.

I'm making the commitment once again to dive in even deeper this October, starting with Cyber Security Awareness month. For yet another year, I'm making the commitment to educate those that are striving to do better in this field. I will work hard to educate, mentor, work as hard as I can in my own career, and even learn from new perspectives. Maybe I'll even try to entertain a little with my goofy videos.

Most importantly I want to thank my wife, family, and LinkedIn family for being here with me and supporting me for this first year. I can truly say that I feel completely blessed to have all of you. I am ready for new connections, new relationships, and helping you find more opportunity.

I have a few surprises in my sleeve that I'll be posting throughout October, so I'm really excited. Together, let's have another great year.

As always, I'm here. Inbox me.


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