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Break In Playbook

Break In Playbook


(20% off for the next 12 hours with code FALLBOOK)


My downloadable Break In Cyber Playbook is an in-depth guide to landing a job in the Cyber Security industry. It will teach you how to gain entry into the field or level up if you are already in Cyber Security.   I teach you how to be discovered by hiring managers, recruiters, and help you set the pace to become a thought leader in the industry. This playbook also includes a step-by-step guide on growing your online LinkedIn presence so that you can gain thousands of views on your profile.  Here are just a few sample sections my book includes:


  • Choosing a Career Path for You

  • Offensive Security

  • Defensive Security

  • GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance)

  • No Tech Skills? It's Okay

  • Attracting Recruiters to Your Inbox

  • Getting Discovered on LinkedIn

  • How to get Hired

  • How to achieve success in the Cyber Security.


My book is no fluff, and straight to the point.


If you are tired of filling out endless applications and getting no responses, this will help you solve that problem by teaching you how to get leads to your inbox from recruiters and hiring managers.  


Top Cyber Security Buzzwords - Imposter Syndrome, Gatekeeping, Certifications, Red Team, Blue Team, GRC, FAANG, and Branding, Entry Level Positions.  These above are the things that people are faced with every day.

With over 25+ years in Cyber Security, and currently a vCISO, I have dedicated myself to mentoring others.  I've been in this field the majority of my life.   Having owned my own cyber security company for over 12 years until it was successfully acquired, I understand how it works.  I understand how Cyber Security companies think.  I know what they are looking for in individuals.

I'm Mike.  I want to make your journey easier than mine was.

1. If you are still struggling with any of things I mentioned above this book will help.

2. If you are already in cyber, but feel like you aren't valued and that you are ready to level up, this book will help.

3. If you want to grow your LinkedIn presence so that you gain visibility by recruiters, this book will help.

I packed 25 years of experience into my Break in Cyber Playbook. It talks not only about how to break through these barriers to get into cyber, but also how to grow your presence so that you attract opportunity.


If you are ready to change your career and be able to work from your pajamas, this book is for you.


(20% off for the next 12 hours with code FALLBOOK)

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