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Break Into the World of Cyber Security

Mike Miller

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My in-depth, two-part guide to the Cyber Security industry. This guide will teach you how to gain entry into the field. Open yourself up to be discovered by hiring managers, recruiters and set the pace to become a thought leader in the industry.


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Who I am

My name is Mike Miller - I'm a 25 year IT / Cyber Security professional. Currently serving as a vCISO for Appalachia Technologies, I've had my hands in many different sectors of the security industry. From desktop support, my journey has included working in systems admin, network admin, IT consulting, defensive security, offensive security, GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) and founding my own cyber security company. My passion is to help fill the cyber security gap by mentoring those who are just getting started, changing fields or wanting to level up in their current technology position.  Let me help you define and reach your career goals, discover a community of like minded people and make yourself accessible to life changing career opportunities. Can't wait to work with you. 



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LinkedIn is where much of the Cyber Security community resides. From entry level to C-Suite, LinkedIn is a level playing field for any career professional. Decision makers from nearly any organization use this platform to gain knowledge, share ideas and search for professionals to fill positions within the industry. Work with me and I will help you get discovered for your abilities so opportunities come to your inbox instead of resume slinging. Whether you want a new career opportunity or just the connections, lets make it happen. 

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