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My Personal Goals for the Year

Today, I'm telling you my personal goals for the year. Please tell me if these are reasonable and hold me accountable.

2022 was a good year. I love that, but I want to make 2023 a GREAT year. I plan on doing that by publicly setting some goals. I'm asking you to hold me accountable.

Goals for 2023:

1. Get Healthy - I started walking 2 miles a day

2. Exceed Expectations with my Employer (Appalachia Technologies)

3. Get to Know You - I want to know my network better

4. Become Smarter - I want to learn something new every day

5. Put out Quality Content - Every post should be better than the last

6. Start a Very Unique Podcast/Show - Not like all the others

7. Build my YouTube Channel - Informative, fun and quality content

8. Build my Twitter presence - Informative, fun and quality content

9. Build my LinkedIn Presence - More reach = more people helped

10. Buy More Colorful Socks - Honestly, this is most important

I'm asking my network to help keep me accountable. Should you see me stray, I'm really good at taking constructive criticism.

Each day this year I will be posting information that is informative to help you grow not just your online presence, but your career as well. If you want to be a part of it, Ring my Bell so that you get notified when I post. Hit me up on my other socials too.

Disclaimer: Posts may include real life stories, colorful socks, and now and then goofy stuff.

I'm also going to do my best to keep you accountable too. Tell me what your goals are. If I know them, I can help steer you in the right direction and hold you accountable too.


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